Questions I might have for you

Multitasking is dead!  I've found that working on one website at a time leads to a better experience for my clients and allows for more efficient work.  With that being said there are a few questions I may ask at the beginning of a project to learn more about your needs requirements for your website!

Normal business stuff

     Besides normal information such as who the main contact is and a timeline for the project I'll typically have a few more questions to make sure you are fully satisfied with your finalized website. 

  • Who are your customers and who are your ideal customers?  What do they like and what are you providing for them? Are they conservative or more concerned about creative design?  
  • When you have attracted your ideal visitor to your website are they ready to purchase your services or just looking for more information? 
  • What do you want your ideal customer to do when they get onto your site?  Sign up for your newsletter, give you a call or email?  Purchase your services?  Take you out for a nice seafood dinner?
  • What other channels are you interacting with your potential customers on?  Social media?  Ads?  etc?
  • Do you ever write about your field.  Would you need a spot on your website for a blog?


    industry stuff

    • What kind of business are you in.  What services, content or work do you do?
    • What is your unique offering in your field?
    • Tell me how you fit into your industry?  Are you a major player or satisfying a niche in the market?
    • What do you offer that your competitors don't?
    • Who are your biggest competitors?
    • What types of websites do you like and seek inspiration from?

    Technical stuff:

    • If you already have a website, what is it?  What do you want improved?  
    • Does anyone else need administrative access to your website?
    • Please provide assets for your website (copy, headlines, products, about pages, etc.) images and a logo.